McConks SUP user guide #6: how to launch your McConks inflatable stand up paddle board.

In life, there’s a right and wrong way to do some things. In contrast, some things are then open to interpretation, blurring the lines between black and grey. Regarding how to launch your McConks inflatable stand up paddle board the former is applicable, as much to keep you safe as anything –  especially if your chosen paddling location has swell, current, tide and flow.

Ideally you want to choose a ‘put in’ without any of the above, that way you mitigate further risk. You should carry your stand up paddle board under your arm, keeping a secure grip on the centrally located carry handle. Try not to have your SUP across your body, out in front. This way you’re free to get clear of the board should the need arise.

Launching as a pair – McConks SUP double team.

On entering the water place your iSUP fins down by your side. Push the board into enough depth to give good fin clearance. Keep your SUP paddle in the opposite hand. Ideally you’ll have your paddle in your dominant hand and the board in your other. Keep hold of your SUP and paddle at all times.

Launching successfully, even if knee paddling, is a big tick in the SUP box!

When ready, nudge the board forwards again to give some momentum, which aids stability, before hopping on board keeping to your knees, to begin with. You should be centred, with your McConks iSUP not weighted unnecessarily to one side (railing) or too far towards the nose/tail. If this is the case then shuffle to a more efficient position where you feel stable and confident. Once you’ve located the SUP board’s sweet spot begin paddling a few strokes to give forwards glide thereby adding yet more stability and the ability to pop up to your feet.

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