McConks SUP user guide #5: how to put a SUP paddle together.

In your McConks inflatable stand up paddle board package you’ll find everything you need to get afloat quickly – including an adjustable, three piece SUP paddle.

On the face of it connecting all the paddle ‘bits’ may appear simple but sometimes the wrong component may be perceived to fit another. It all gets very confusing very quickly. And we do appreciate not everyone has a paddle sports background!

  • First off grab hold of the part with the paddle blade attached and stand this on the ground with the tube (shaft) facing skyward.
  • Next, insert the part that doesn’t have either a blade or handle attached. This should then be secured with the locking mechanism.
  • Lastly, slide in the part with the attached handle grip and lock this off to the appropriate length (see post …).
  • Hey presto! All done!

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