McConks SUP user guide #11: turning your stand up paddle board.

Whilst heading in a straight line is necessary when paddling you’ll need to be able to manoeuvre and turn your stand up paddle board around. It could be because you need to avoid hazards/obstacles, or perhaps you need to head back in the direction you’ve just come because you’ve reached the end of the journey. Maybe you’re in the surf and wanting to pivot 180* to be in position to catch your chosen wave. Whatever the reason, turning your McConks stand up paddle board is a necessity.

A pivot turn is one of turning your stand up paddle board round efficiently.

During the initial stages of your SUP journey a basic sweep stroke will suffice. Dipping your paddle blade wide, aim to draw a semi-circle from the nose of your board all the way to the tail. This will see you spin fairly efficiently. And if that doesn’t spin you quickly enough, a reverse paddle stroke on the other side of the board will increase the spin!

Therefore to spice up your SUP board turns, and make them quicker/more dynamic, practising the essential pivot turn should be a goal. So check out this article to find out more about the SUP pivot turn – 

There are a few more manoeuvre orientated strokes you can but for now the above should be practised. Once you’re nailing the pivot turn, for instance, it’s time to see what else you can accomplish.

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