You are currently viewing McConks SUP community awesomeness pics #5

McConks SUP community awesomeness pics #5

Header pic: Lynsey Miles.

It’s that time again where we look at what you lovely people have been getting up to with your McConks stand up paddle boards or other McConks toys. For this installment, we’ve even included our very own Andy and Jenny who actually own/run/manage McConks! If you fancy showing off what you’ve been getting up to then make sure you become a member of the McConks SUP community Facebook group which you can find here – Keep ’em coming! We love seeing how you spend time with your McConks SUPs and toys.

Lena Pedersen’s crew loving life.
The ever at large SUP4 Coach – give her a follow on social media.
Our very own Andy M flying high on the McConks eFoil.
Mrs M this time round who snapped one of the boys enjoying a float.
A happy little face whilst riding the McConks one wheel inpsired eSkate (helped a little by dad).
Steve Nelson: always keen to get the crew afloat.

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