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McConks SUP community awesomeness pics!

Header pic: Bob Mawson.

Sticking with the ‘McConks customers are awesome’ theme we’ve picked out a crop of recent pics from the McConks SUP Community Facebook group. We love seeing all your stand up paddle boarding adventures as this makes it all worth it for us. The stoked grins and fulfilled watery sessions are some of the reasons we do what do. McConks genuinely wants every paddler to have as good a time as possible. And if that happens to be whilst using McConks stand up paddle boarding kit then all the better.

Check out the awesome photos below and don’t forget to post yours. We may even do a regular blog feature like this where we showcase your images. Let us know what you think on that one.

Stewart Light getting some whitewater SUPing in the bag.
Daddyboards showing off a crop of their latest McConks SUP quiver.
Anna Geyer and friends having some fun.
Steve Nelson doing good work as ever.
Impressive stuff from Oli Ver and co.
Karen South readying herself.
Bob Mawson and crew adventuring.
David Partridge showing off his toys in the sunshine.
Carolyn Smith: pooch SUPing.

You can find the McConks SUP Communitry Facebook group here –

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