McConks preorder delivery update

July 2022

We’ve got stock of all boards except for the Go Explore 14i which is sold out until September, and Mega Board and Go Surf 9’2i which are out of stock until Spring 2023.

We’re selling existing stock quickly, and expect to sell out of our most popular boards by early to mid August.  Stock will then not be replenished until September
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  1. Sven

    Thank you! Patiently waiting.

  2. Beverley Guthrie

    Thank you so much for the update guys! Much appreciated honesty! Good things come to those who wait… 😉.

  3. Steve and Jackie

    Appreciate it’s a tough year and the honest and detailed update. Really glad we got our act together and preordered as it looks like we wouldn’t get a board at all otherwise.

  4. Dom Kilburn

    Hi Andy – what’s the name of the ship so we can track it? Or has it arrived?

    1. andy mcconkey

      It’s the One Wren. It sailed straight past Southampton to Rotterdam, and is now on route to Hamburg. We’re just trying to find out if it will come back to Southampton, or if the container was actually devanned in Rotterdam and will now be road hauled.

      1. Alan

        Hi Andy. Are pre Ordered carbon paddles in this container aboard the One Wren ?

  5. Jonny

    Hi Andy,

    just come across this brilliant update on delivery, thank you for your transparency. I was wondering if there was a way of changing the delivery address on my order as we have now moved?

  6. andy mcconkey

    Thanks Jonny

    Being open, honest and transparent is important to us!

    If you go to the FAQ quick link (question mark in the quicklink bar on the right of the page), there are instructions in there.

    Best wishes

    1. Debi Turner

      I literally feel like a kid waiting for Xmas Day! Just going the decisions of our wonderful government in Northern Ireland haven’t caused any more delays to deliver to here 😪

  7. Tara

    i am becoming quite addicted to watching the progress of the one wren as it hangs around the Isle of Wight waiting to get into Southampton – I love that you can see the shipping routes across the world! Is it just me…?

  8. Ant

    Southampton port data below, due in 30 APR 2021.

    ONE WREN 9784776 Container Carrier (UCC) JPN 30-Apr-2021 PM Nab Nab Anchorage No 9 SCT5 S 14.10 364.15 139335 DENHOLM PORT SERVICES LTD

  9. David Bannister

    Andy – I’ve had a message that looks like a scam supposedly from Post Office saying my parcel has shipping fees to pay. Deleted it. But now starting to wonder. How are you getting on with getting the orders out?

  10. Mark

    Do you have the shipping details for May’s preorder?

  11. Darren Sutton

    Any chance of an update please

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