McConks preorder delivery update

UPDATE August 2021

We’ve finally got our hands on a container, but it’s only a 20ft container.  Everything that is current preordered is on that container and due for delivery mid to end of Sept.But because it’s a smaller container than expected we haven’t got all of our stock on it.  Currently, preorders for paddles, SUPs and accessories placed now will be delivered within this timeframe, but we’ve limited stock available, so don’t delay ordering. When this container is sold out, the next will be arriving end of September for despatch mid October. 

If an item is shown as backorder, or ‘in stock’ but with a preorder product title, they’ll be delivered mid to end of Sept.  If showing as out of stock, then they’re not available to order until we know we have stock arriving on the October container.

UPDATE 05 July 2021

We’re shipping them out! Unless you preordered for August/late summer delivery, you’ll get your order within the next two weeks 🙂 Happy days!

UPDATE 29 June 2021

YAY! The latest container has arrived at our distribution centre. Once we’ve receipted everything in and undertaken our QA checks, we’ll start shipping orders out as quickly as we can. Please don’t ask when your individual order will be shipped. We’ll work through them as quickly as we can, and will be shipping out in strict chronological order date.

UPDATE 23 June 2021

The container is still in port due to port delays. Annoyingly, the corrupt cartel that makes up global shipping companies even have the cheek to charge us rent because the container is still in port longer than 5 days. Even though it’s their delay.

The container is now booked to arrive on Monday 28th June. Although the container will be devanned (unloaded from the ship today), the UK Wide shortage in HGV drivers (due to Brexit) means that we can’t get a haulage company to drive the container driven to our warehouse until Monday. The whole system sucks.

Sorry if you’re frustrated/annoyed/disappointed, but this is totally out of our hands. As you can probably tell, we’re a little frustrated as well.

UPDATE 21 June 2021

Our new stock arrives at our warehouse on 22 June.

That means, everyone who has preordered paddleboards will receive their gear within the next couple of weeks! We’ll get through them in order of the date they were placed as quickly as possible.

We now have plenty of stock of everything, except Mega Boards, Go Anywhere boards and 100% carbon and carbon/bamboo paddles. These are now on backorder for August.

If you place an order from stock this week (w/c 21 June 2021), we expect your gear will take about two weeks to be despatched.

UPDATE 11/06/2021

The container ship is still due to dock. We’ll start shipping preorder SUPs shortly after that, and should clear the backorders within two weeks of the container being unloaded.

Here’s the link to the ship tracking


Spring / April preorders, and in stock items

We’ve just moved to a new logistics centre, which, in the near term will really improve our ability to deliver in stock items next day. However, the moving process has caused a few days delay as we get new systems set up. Also, the processing of backorders has reduced our capacity to ship in stock items promptly. We’re getting more resources next week, so in stock orders and preorders will start to be shipped more quickly next week. You will get notification of your delivery the day before from Royal Mail (we will be using royal mail tracked 24 for small parcels), or from Parcelforce (we use Parcelforce24 for large items such as SUP packages).

May preorders

The container is underway. As soon as we get confirmation of ship and docking date, we’ll post here. We’re currently forecasting delivery to customers early to mid June due to difficulties getting hold of a container. The container ship is on the water!


Spring / April preorders

The container has arrived and been unpacked. We’re now working through the ~500 orders. We will ship as soon as is humanly possible. Thanks for your patience!

May preorders

The container is underway. As soon as we get confirmation of ship and docking date, we’ll post here. We’re currently forecasting early to mid June due to difficulties getting hold of a container. Although production finished several weeks ago, the global shortage of containers has caused a delay of a few weeks 🙁

Summer preorders (July / August)

Production is underway for this batch of boards. Production will be complete by early June. We have a container booked for early June. This means that the boards should arrive at our distribution centre mid July. However, this is 2021, and strange things happen this year!


The container ship is about to dock and be unloaded.

We’ll get all Spring/March/April preorders out as fast as humanly possible once they arrive at our warehouse. But until then, things are out of our hands.  It is likely that unloading the container, customs clearance and haulage to our distribution centre will take two to three weeks once the container ship has docked.

If you preordered with a ‘May preorder’ product name, your order is not on this container but the next container. We expect this container to be arriving end of May.


The container ship has just left Rotterdam and is on route to Hamburg. It did not dock at Southampton because of Brexit port delays. Instead it’s on the way to Hamburg after having unloaded a load of containers. It will return to Southampton on 27th April after unloading at Hamburg (thanks Brexit). So we’re now looking at May dispatch sorry.


You can track live progress here. We’re still forecasting end of April for delivery, but there are still uncertainties around delays in port processing. Until the container has been unloaded in our South Wales warehouse, we have control over timeframe!


We’re through the Suez Canal without delay.

Current position is just south of Crete in the Eastern Med. You can track live progress here.


The good news is that it looks like the Ever Given is about to start moving. Our container has not been delayed because it has only just entered the Suez Gulf and is still several days away from the Port of Suez (due 3rd April).


The strange year continues. We are aware of the issues in the Suez Canal. Our April container is currently the other side of the Suez Canal and as of yet we have no clear understanding of the impact of this on either our April container (which in on the water) or May container (which is due to be loaded 6th April, and there may now be container shortages). As soon as we have some certainty, we will update this page.

McConks preorder delivery update

It’s been a strange start to the year hasn’t it?  We don’t know about you, but the first two months seem to have flown past!

First off, an apology. We’ve been meaning to send a preorder update since the very start of the year, but every time we thought we had something worth sharing, another uncertainty crept onto the scene, whispering to us to leave it until we had more certainty tomorrow.  But tomorrow never came, so this email is very overdue – sorry!  We’ll be issuing more regular updates as your delivery inches ever closer!

So where are we with backorders and preorders?

Fins – Any fin only preorders will be fulfilled within the next three weeks. 

HF Synergy waist belts – There are still no HF Synergy belts in Europe.  Paddle People, who design and import these report that they have, again, been delayed in production.  In addition, because of Brexit, Paddle People are in the process of closing their UK factory in Nottingham, and consolidating operations in their facility in Germany (one of the very many disappointing ironies of Brexit).  This means that the container of SUP Synergy will be unloaded in Germany not the UK, and this will cause further delays and also attract import charges. We’ve been advised to warn customers that delivery is likely to be shortly before the end of April.  If you’ve ordered a SUP Synergy, and can’t wait that long, please let us know. We can offer you a full refund, or we can switch you to an equivalently priced Whetman Water Belt.

Paddles – We’ve finished production on all of our paddles, and they’re currently on a container on the slow boat from China.  Despite the massive demand this year for SUP equipment, we managed to finish our paddle production as planned, before Chinese New Year. That might possibly be the only production of any SUP equipment this year, by any brand, that has completed on programme.  And that’s not an exaggeration! However….

The slow boat from China is slower this year than ever.  The worldwide container shortage, the worldwide congestion in ports, and the fact that shipping companies would rather not use the UK right now because of Brexit and Covid, is causing significant delays.  As recently as two weeks ago, we were still expecting the container to land 26th March at the latest.  We’re now being advised that the container will dock and be unloaded on 18th or 19th April.  We would expect customer deliveries 7 – 10 days after this, but it could take longer sorry.

eFoils – These are on the same container ship that lands on 18th or 19th April.  For several reasons, mostly due to the issues of handling batteries, we might see up to three weeks delay before we can fulfil eFoil orders.

Skatewheels –  We have been told that the container ship docked yesterday, so we’re just waiting for the container to be unloaded.  We really hope to get these to customers within the next 7 working days.

Freedom Hardboards –  These are completed, and will be on our next 40ft container due to leave China on 4th April. Customer delivery is likely to be mid May.

Inflatable SUP packages 

This is where it gets complicated. This has not been the year to make SUPs!  Our factory has very high quality standards and amazing integrity.  That means they have no qualms telling us they can’t meet our production schedule because they’ve had to refuse yet another batch of poor quality deckpads. Or even worse, poor quality dropstitch (yes, this has happened several times this year).   This is an issue endemic across the industry this year. There simply isn’t enough capacity to make enough gear. Rumour has it that of the major premium brands have just told all small retailers and a number of SUP schools, that they’re not getting any boards this year. And they’re not the only ones.  We’re in a good position to be able to fulfil ALL preorders (unlike some). We may be slightly behind schedule, but at least we stand by our quality standards, and refuse to compromise.

10’6 Go Anywhere, 10’8 Go Anywhere, 11’4 Go Explore , 12’8 Go Explore, 11′ Go X Wild, 9’8 Go Free.

These are all completed and on the container on the boat – but the boat was late leaving port in China (somewhat predictably).  Therefore, we will be a few weeks behind schedule – delivering towards the end of April rather than early April.

All other iSUP boards have been further delayed due to the deckpad issue. They will be completed the first week in April, which means that delivery of any preorders of these has slipped to mid May.  This is enormously disappointing and frustrating for us. And we have no doubt will be for those of you who are waiting.  However, as we’ve already said, this is an unprecedented year, and we would rather stand by our quality standards rather than keep to programme with subcomponents that fail our strict QA.  If you’re affected, and you want a refund to find something that is available now, we totally understand –  please let us know.  As an apology, we will be putting a little extra something in your packages when they do arrive!

We’re shipping all of our boards this year with a quick release belt that can be sued as a chest or waist belt, and specially modified leash connect system. We had agreed with Paddle People that we would be using their HF SUP Buddy 2.0, and inputted into how these belts could be improved from the v1.0.  Sadly, for the reasons mentioned above, they’re moving production to Germany, and cannot meet the demand we had agreed with them.  Therefore we’re pleased to announce that we’ll be using the quick release belts made in the UK by Panda Board Sports Ltd.  These are really simple to use, and we’ll be putting together a video guide on how to use them before your preorders arrive.

Wings and sails Are already in the UK, so will be shipped with your board order. 

Remember to keep an eye on the McConks blog where further updates, knowledge articles and advice appears. And, of course, our social media channels where you can see additional posts about all things SUP and McConks.

Stay safe and well

Andy and Jen

on behalf of Team McConksWe’ve

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  1. Sven

    Thank you! Patiently waiting.

  2. Beverley Guthrie

    Thank you so much for the update guys! Much appreciated honesty! Good things come to those who wait… 😉.

  3. Steve and Jackie

    Appreciate it’s a tough year and the honest and detailed update. Really glad we got our act together and preordered as it looks like we wouldn’t get a board at all otherwise.

  4. Dom Kilburn

    Hi Andy – what’s the name of the ship so we can track it? Or has it arrived?

    1. andy mcconkey

      It’s the One Wren. It sailed straight past Southampton to Rotterdam, and is now on route to Hamburg. We’re just trying to find out if it will come back to Southampton, or if the container was actually devanned in Rotterdam and will now be road hauled.

      1. Alan

        Hi Andy. Are pre Ordered carbon paddles in this container aboard the One Wren ?

  5. Jonny

    Hi Andy,

    just come across this brilliant update on delivery, thank you for your transparency. I was wondering if there was a way of changing the delivery address on my order as we have now moved?

  6. andy mcconkey

    Thanks Jonny

    Being open, honest and transparent is important to us!

    If you go to the FAQ quick link (question mark in the quicklink bar on the right of the page), there are instructions in there.

    Best wishes

    1. Debi Turner

      I literally feel like a kid waiting for Xmas Day! Just going the decisions of our wonderful government in Northern Ireland haven’t caused any more delays to deliver to here 😪

  7. Tara

    i am becoming quite addicted to watching the progress of the one wren as it hangs around the Isle of Wight waiting to get into Southampton – I love that you can see the shipping routes across the world! Is it just me…?

  8. Ant

    Southampton port data below, due in 30 APR 2021.

    ONE WREN 9784776 Container Carrier (UCC) JPN 30-Apr-2021 PM Nab Nab Anchorage No 9 SCT5 S 14.10 364.15 139335 DENHOLM PORT SERVICES LTD

  9. David Bannister

    Andy – I’ve had a message that looks like a scam supposedly from Post Office saying my parcel has shipping fees to pay. Deleted it. But now starting to wonder. How are you getting on with getting the orders out?

  10. Mark

    Do you have the shipping details for May’s preorder?

  11. Darren Sutton

    Any chance of an update please

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