You are currently viewing McConks awesomeness pics (and vids) – eFoil edition.

McConks awesomeness pics (and vids) – eFoil edition.

eFoils are some of the most fun, powered craft on the water. And from a foiling point of view eFoil boards are the easiest to get to grips with. In a small amount of time riders will be up and flying. The handheld throttle control ensures power, speed and momentum are on tap. And it’s these elements you need to lift and fly above water. Ever since McConks introduced their eFoil range smiles have been miles wide for anybody hopping aboard. Granted, eFoiling isn’t to everyone’s taste (or budget) but there’s no denying the fun eFoils bring.

Here’s a selection of eFoil awesomeness in pictures and videos.

First eFoil flights at McConks’ local lake.

More first eFoil flights at the lake.

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