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Fab feedback: some recent comments about McConks SUP kit.

Pic: Sam Binks.

We know our kit’s good – we shout about this all the time. It’s all well and good us as owner giving our own toys props, however, so it’s great when other back up what we say. Here’s some recent McConks equipment feedback that we’re pretty proud about.

Martin Dunn –

‘I have a lovely new Go Explore 12’8 and I’m normally a sea paddler. Having moved up from a Red 10’6 I find the McConks glides and tracks so much better.’

Karen South –

‘Loving being out on my 11’4 today! I just love this board.’

Anna Geyer –

‘Last year I bought my first McConks (having thought hard and researched what I wanted from my board) in memory of my dad who died in August. I bought a kayak seat so that my mum (83 in a few weeks) could experience the calmness of a still Loch on a board. This week not only have we added a second board to the family I got mum out on a newly discovered Loch. This has been the most amazing experience and just the start of what I think will be a long and joyous journey with our SUPs. Thank you Andy McConkey for your brand that delivers quality and sits well with my values.’

Fenwick Ridley –

‘We had all 10 McConks boards getting a good paddle on Sat afternoon, and everyone was buzzing. Including another 8 SUPs. Most others switched and tried the McConks and a few said they really might consider to sell up their boards to get a McConks.’

Matt Loftus –

‘As if the view wasn’t good enough… Someone went and left a Go Explore on the grass! What a day on the water.’

Curativate –

‘Taking to the McConks floating yoga mat has been a fascinating experience for mind and body. Changing the environment means alters everything about my practice.

What have I learned so far? It’s harder than I thought, I’m going to get very wet and fall often. Newness offers its own rewards. A flexible attitude can facilitate growth in movement and mindset. Thanks to McConks for opening a new door.’

Tez Plavenieks –

‘All McConks kit’s bang on but I have to say the Go Sail XS inflatable windsurf sail is particularly good for my three year old son. He’s quite little and there’s no other rig I’ve found that’d allow a small lad like this to actually learn how to windsurf. Also, the design’s pretty cleaver as just having handles, positioned in the right place, means he can’t hold the sail any other way but the correct way. No wandering hands so from the off correct grip is guaranteed without too much instruction. Super light and not a problem when he stacks it what’s not to like?’

Chris Jones –

‘Started off beautifully sunny with below zero air temp and ended 8 degrees warmer but windy and raining. Board handled things very well, everything from mirror flat to chunky boat wake and 2km of horrible side chop at the end when the wind picked up.’

Sam Binks –

‘Excited to pick up my new Go Wild 9’3″ yesterday, such a fun board to paddle! Had a great time at Mile End Mill on the Dee.’

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