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Change your stand up paddle board tack – keeping things fresh to not lose your SUP mojo.

Your trusty stand up paddle lies waiting in the rack and having scoured forecasts for weeks previous a decent window of weather has popped up, with favourable winds for your next SUP outing. But wait! What’s this? Less than enthusiastic feelings and niggling doubt as to whether you’re going to go? You have a pass, conditions are on and it’s warm (ish) outside. So why the hesitation?

Does this scenario sound familiar? Are you suffering from loss of SUP mojo? It can happen to us all. As someone once said: ‘eating your fave biscuits everyday can mean your fave biscuits lose appeal after a while’. With plenty of uncertain factors in today’s life mix it’s easy to understand how enthusiasm levels can drop. Fatigue, burn out, other distractions and so on. Sometimes, as much as it’s all good really, paddlers need to switch things up and keep their stand up paddle sessions fresh – change the experience if you will.

Prone paddle boarding – just one alternative to SUP.

Getting wet at your local is all well and good but it can definitely become repetitive and monotonous for anyone afloat regularly – especially if fulfillment kevels of late haven’t been on point. At this juncture, it’s worth trying something else or just sitting it out. Similar disciplines, such as kayaking, outrigger and so on have obvious synergy. Even paddling with your arms ala prone paddle boarding could be worth a look. Surfing is an obvious one if you’re a SUP wave rider. Or something else entirely, such as windsurfing – many coastal stand up paddler we know also windsurfs or kitesurfs. And if the wind ain’t playing ball what about wing or windfoiling where you don’t need a lot? Alternatively stay out the drink all together and do some completely dry. There are plenty of options…

Mr McConks out and about via peddle power.

Sometimes you don’t know what you’re missing until it’s not there. Forcing this point, and almost hiding from SUP, can mean the next time you choose to swing a paddle you’re practically salivating for a session. Another cliché saying but: absence makes the heart grow fonder. You get the drift of where we’re coming from with this.

Plenty of alternative stand up paddle board riding craft exist meaning you don’t have to be a one trick pony. Save it for another time if needs be whilst making use of those other sliding tools available. Trust us, you’ll never have been so stoked and SUP will deliver a whole new level of euphoria when you get back on the horse!

If you’re looking for alternative ways of entertaining yourself outdoors then check out these products that, while SUP related (in that they’re wet), may provide the refreshing change you need.

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