A sea salt affair: I am someone, I am me. Who are you?

I am me.

I am someone who lives by the sea and enjoys their toes in the sand, the gently lapping waters of the ocean tickling my skin. I am someone who could do this for hours – days, weeks even! I am someone who enjoys walking barefoot along the coast, gazing out at stormy seas or calm water alike. I am someone who wakes early and checks the skies above, to see what the day may hold. I am someone who plans my life around the cycles of the tide and the ever changing seasons. I am someone who sniffs the salty air upon arrival, savouring the moment for a while before getting on with the job in hand. I am someone who dives straight in, immersing myself in the brine, slowly coming to the surface when my lungs demand it. I am someone who doesn’t dilly dally about, instead heading for the horizon to position myself accordingly. I am someone who lives for the push and pull of Neptune’s forces – the ebb and flow and oceanic energy pulses drifting my body this way and that. I am someone who would quite happily cast off my land lubbing shackles and become one with the mermaids and sirens. I am someone who meditatively slides back towards shore, Mother Nature’s energy shoving me in whatever direction she feels best. I am someone who’s happy to go with this flow until the shallows halt progress. I am someone who then paddles back out for more, eyeing the oncoming flotsam with respectful awe. I am someone who will do this again, and again and again. I am someone who will salute the sunset from my position of solace full well knowing another day will dawn soon enough thus allowing a rinse and repeat scenario.

I am someone who will stand by and listen to nature’s sounds, even as the cold chill envelopes my body telling me it’s head for the hills time. I am someone who listens to the mesmeric noise of the sea from my safe abode. I am someone who constantly feels the ocean’s pull and will heed its call as much as possible. I am someone who will prepare for that next time, making sure all my ducks are properly lined in a row well ahead of time. I am someone who wants nothing to get in my way and prohibit what could be. I am someone who gleans as much knowledge as possible – much like a sponge – allowing the most fulfilling experience possible. I am someone who passes this knowledge onto my offspring, instilling in them the same sense of stoke/joy when commitment/passion yields the fruits of this labor. I am someone who educates and inspires through positive action, inviting my legacy to follow suit.

I am someone who partners with like-minded individuals. I am someone who is surrounded by the same drive, commitment and passion – those closest to me often forgiving the single-minded mentality I possess. I am someone who has a group with full understanding of my ways. I am someone who is dogged, determined and bloody minded. I am someone who shuns those who don’t appreciate. I am someone who can appear selfish. I am someone who asks forgiveness regularly. I am someone who seeks the blessing of those most important to me. I am someone who is juxtaposed; a conundrum and contradiction. I am someone who feels lost without what drives me, yet also lost without kindred spirits to share this with. I am someone who fights back when needed. I am someone who is never content. I am someone who is regularly conflicted. I am someone who can appear confused and perceived to take the wrong path. I am someone who learns from mistakes – even if it takes a few tries. I am someone with little tolerance for fools. I am someone without a filter. I am someone with strong opinions about what I know best. I am someone who is humbly ignorant, and admittedly so, with topics I understand little about. I am a person who will stubbornly fight my corner. I am someone who will fight for you. I am someone who will defend the good. I am someone who will step on the bad. I am someone who can laugh loudly yet cry quietly. I am someone with lots of contrasting personality traits. I am me and I love the sea.

Who are you?

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