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Dawn calls – sunrise SUP sessions for personal well being.

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We’ve long been fans of sunrise SUP sessions and we know a lot of you are also. There’s something about setting your alarm for stupid o’clock and heading off for a float as the cockerel starts his daybreak song. From a well being point of view it’s arguably the best time of day as chances are it’ll be quieter and more serene than even sunset paddles (which can, of course, be great in their own right). The morning line, however, is still when most will be tucked up in bed so the ambient sounds you mostly hear are nature’s own. Same with the sights you see…

Sunrise SUPing is a chance to take a breath, take a moment and let it all wash over before beginning a new day proper. Starting on a tranquil note is good practice as it sets you up for the day ahead. And with more people back at work no restrictions have been lifted it’s possibly the only chance to nab some water time in between weekends.

Here’re a few pics to remind (or convince) just what dawn stand up paddle sessions can be about.

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