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You’ve bought your first stand up paddle board – now what?

If you’re one of the many who’ve recently purchased a stand up paddle board, and have yet to use it, or looking for a few ideas of what SUP adventures you can get up to then read on.

Adventure SUP

With your new found toy there’s never been a better way for exploring and discovering new vistas, waterways and destinations. A stand up paddle board can be locked and loaded for all kinds of adventures – from day long sojourns to just a few hours. Those truly free spirited types may even fancy big adventure SUP challenges that cover weeks. If this is your bag then plan, plan and plan some more. That old age saying: ‘prior planning and preparation prevents poor performance’ has never been more applicable.

Family paddles

If you’re fortunate enough to have acquired more than one stand up paddle board then it’s time to get the family involved. SUP sessions can be a great way to spend quality time with the rest of your brood, whilst getting some exercise and enjoying the outdoors. With modern life being so hectic slowing it right down and indulging in some family paddling is a way to reconnect.

SUP surfing

Even with an inflatable you’re free to get stuck in to a spot of stand up paddle surfing. It doesn’t need to be ‘going off’ and huge – in fact, we’d argue against this. SUP‘s beauty in surfing waves is they don’t need to be particularly big, ripples can actually suffice. Small swell is just as fun as bigger stuff for many. And this will teach all those fundamental skills in case you fancy taking stand up paddle surfing further.


Does your stand up paddle board have a windsurf sail attachment? If so, use it! When it’s too breezy to paddle stick a rig on and away you go. Inflatables, especially, can be great for anyone looking to learn how to harness the power of wind. And iSUPs are great for kids beginning their paddling and windsurf journey.

River running

We’re not suggesting doing battle with high volume white water – if this appeals then steadily working your way up and developing skills over time needs to be sorted first. Mellow runs on moderately moving rivers, however, can certainly be done. Just make sure you know your route and have in mind what hazards are about. Don’t take on anything that’s out of your league. Scout beforehand to assess.

SUP racing

In the UK there’s a large number of SUP racers that compete both seriously and for fun. You don’t have to be vying for podiums in the elite classes either. Battling your mates and using the whole experience to better you SUP ability is what a good many enter events for. And inflatable board owners are just as welcome as hard SUP riders.

SUP diving/fishing

If less exertion is what you’re after from your paddle boarding then using your SUP as a diving or fishing platform could appeal. ‘Gear heads’ may love the idea of going ‘all in’ and tricking out your board to reel in that big one. Divers meanwhile need not be waiting around for motorised propulsion to their chosen site.

The above are just a few examples of what you can use your stand up paddle board – there are many more. Let us know what you do on your stand up paddle board or what you’re considering.

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