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Winter SUP travel – if you could where would you go?

It hardly needs pointing out that travel is currently rather tricky due to the global pandemic going on. Even domestic trips are a little more headache inducing than they were. Yet autumn/winter is a time when many peeps get gone. Some choose to head for snow caped peaks while others tend to prefer sunnier climes. As the UK’s weather turns and Jack Frost begins to bite where would you be heading to get you warm water SUP fix? Here’re a few suggestions from our side.

Cornwall, England

Yep, we kick this off with a good ole UK location that’s been popular for donkey’s. Summer especially sees hordes of holidaymakers (2020 being a case in point) heading Kernow way. But off season sojourns to the first county in England (or is that the last?) can be supreme. Nailing it can means keeping an eye on forecasts and heading SW when a window opens. Even in winter sunny, warmer days can be snagged. And if you manage to score this with a pulse of offshore surf then we guarantee you’ll be smiling from ear to ear. The SUP touring/adventure options can be great as well.

The Canary Islands, Spain

Much like England the Canaries can be hit or miss with winter sun, albeit always in a slightly warmer vein. Being in close proximity to Blighty means traditionally when a weather break appears it was pretty simple to hop on a plane and head across to Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Tenerife or one of the less known isles. Whilst the archipelago does get its fair share of warmer off season weather the islands boast some stunning surfing action with flat water SUP options being also rather good. Each island has its own personality so it’s a case of choosing which suits you best.

Maui, Hawaii

Perhaps Maui is on your bucket list? If you didn’t already know this is where stand up paddle boarding in modern form hails from. It doesn’t stop there though. The ‘Valley Isle’ is a true watersports’ lovers playground with endless options for getting wet atop whatever craft you feel inclined. The culture is more laid back that the Big Island, and in large parts typically Polynesian. If you’ve never been it’s well worth the long trek but be warned: you may never want to leave!

Barbados, West Indies

One of the more densely populated West Indian islands Barbados never the less is a ‘go to’ destination for surfing, SUP, windsurfing and kitesurfing for many looking to escape the UK winter. With challenging but doable conditions it’s typifies the Caribbean experience with plenty of Rasta culture and Carib vibes in effect. The Caribbean Sea side of the island boasts bubblegum blue waters and a cosmopolitan feel whilst the rugged Atlantic facing coast is much more mellow and somewhere you can get lost for a few weeks but still indulge in a spot of SUP.

The Hebrides, Scotland

For our last location we’re bringing it back to this neck of the woods. For many the Hebridean islands are paradise personified. While not quite as warm as the already mentioned Caribbean its vistas, natural colours and light can rival the Tropics without question. White sandy beaches, azure seas, cobalt coloured coves and stunning green rolling hills/mountainsd leave many in awe. It’s also an awesome destination for stand up paddle boarding – whatever your flavour of SUP.

Where’s your favourite stand up paddle board location?

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