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Winter paddle board inspiration – video.

You may groan at the thought of dark, chilly winter days and nights but it isn’t always that way. There’s no question the off season’s heading our way – rapidly! We can’t do anything about it. Just becasue winter rolls round, however, doesn’t mean it’s time to hang up your paddle and stash away your board until spring. If you must hibernate then no probs. But if you’re still looking to get afloat winter can serve up some cracking sessions. You just may have to be a bit more picky and be more selective.

OK, we admit it: there are some days when the wind’s howling and the rain’s lashing. These are hardly inspiring times for SUP. But give it time and there’ll be a weather break. Winter sunrise SUP mornings, for instance, can be amazing paddles. With frost on the ground, and a crisp still air paddling through glassy water at times like these can be bliss. Just our man in Sweden – Chris Jones – who does this regularly.

And for white water nuts or surf freaks winter is the best time. More chance of swell and brimming rivers are poised to get the adrenaline flowing and give those that do the buzz they’ve been waiting all year for. If you’re adamant winter isn’t for you and SUP’s got to wait then so be it. For those planning to SUP through the off season check out our winter paddling inspiration vid below. Hopefully, this’ll get those stoke fires burning and plant that motivational winter paddling seed in your brain. Just remember to practise SUP safety, wear the appropriate clothing and we’re sure you’ll enjoy your winter of SUP no troubles.

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