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Who’s it for? – McConks SUP board performance overviews.

If you follow McConks on Instagram you have seen our recent ‘Who’s it for?’ posts. In an attempt to give prospective new McConks paddlers an overview of what our infoatable stand up paddle boards do performance wise we’ve crafted these bitesize snapshots. We appreciate not everyone follows us on Instagram though. If you do want to keep even more up to date with McConks goings on then here’s the link.

Also, becasue we belive in promoting knowledge and info we’re gathering all those who’s it for posts here. Scroll through to find your McConks SUP of interest and its associated overview. Stay tuned for more coming soon!

McConks Go skate 7’2 river surf SUP.

Perfect for any paddler with a solid skillset who wants to make the most of white water river waves and generally play in the froth. Likewise, it’s a great inflatable SUP for riders looking to hit coastal surf spots. More stable than you’d think yet equally, super nimble featuring a new school shape. Kids will also love it.

McConks Go X Wild 11′ whitewater SUP race and touring board.

Yep, this inflatable really can accommodate multiple riding tastes. Whether chewing up miles on the river, looking to smash your first river SUP race or catch a few mellow waves the Go X Wild 11′ is your one stop shop iSUP.

McConks Go Fly 6m wing surfing/foil wing.

Whether accomplished foiler or stand up paddler looking to make the most of breezy days the Go Fly 6m wing deliver everything you ask in style. Comparable to many more expensive wings on the market (we have this on good authority) the 6m is a common size for foilers wanting to fly in 12knts as well as adult wing SUPers wanting the best balance of power and ease of use. Other sizes available, for kids as well!

McConks Go Mega 17′ team SUP.

If you fancy having fun with your mates the McConks Go Mega 17′ team SUP is the one for you. Able to carry multiple paddlers it’s a great iSUP for smiles in the sun. There are so many ways to use the Go Mega. And SUP schools will find it a great addition to their board fleet.

McConks Go Anywhere 10’6 inflatable SUP.

The trusty Go anywhere 10’6 may be your first inflatable SUP. It’s a great piece of kit to learn on. But it’ll also take you well beyond those fledgling stages. As an all round inflatable you’re able to find your freedom and head down whichever SUP path you choose with the Go Anywhere. It also doubles as a sit down craft with the addition of a kayak seat. Available as a 10’8 for additional versatility.

McConks Go Race 14′.

The ultimate inflatable race SUP – ’nuff said. Well, actually, that’s not quite true. McConks’ Go race 14′ is also pretty adept for touring (if the paddler has a solid skillset). and it’ll glide on small waves effortlessly. So versatility’s key here. Race winning yes, but no one trick pony either.

McConks Go Sail XS inflatable windsurf sail.

McConks offers a whole size range of inflatable windsurf sails. Being inflatable they float on the water’s surface and don’t require Hulk like strength to lift up. Even more so as being inflatable. Super light is what the Go Sail inflatable sails are! The XS is perfect for wee ones learning to sail. And the whole range would be a great addition to your kit box for breezy days or suit school as a teaching tool.

McConks Go Free 9’8 crossover SUP/windsurf/wing board.

For multi discipline riders, who paddle, windsurf and potentially wing the 9’8 Go Free is your must have sled. Perfect for kids and adults learning to windsurf and/or wing SUP but also a nifty little paddle machine. Nimble and loose feeling with inbuilt versatility the 9’8 Go Free is primed to get you afloat whatever the conditions. Available with footstraps.

McConks Freedom 10’6 crossover all round/windSUP/surf SUP hard board.

Being the all round watersports lovers McConks are it’s only fitting we have a SUP board like the Freedom 10’6 in our line up. Made to order the Freedom is one part all round SUP – perfect for family riding and generally dabbling with paddles. Secondly it’s a board designed with windSUP in mind. You know, how windsurfing used to be? Stick a sail on and just glide. Either flat water or waves. Lastly, it’s a cracking surf SUP in its own right – all longboard stylee. We love it and you will too!

McConks Go Explore 11’4 – the compact exploring SUP.

If you’re up for some adventure paddling this season then you need the right iSUP. Enter the Go Explore 11’4. With superior glide, amazing tracking, awesome stability a great versatility this is a must have McConks inflatable. And all whilst being more compact than a 12’6 or 14′. So easier to store and transport, yet without compromise on the performance front.

McConks Go Fly electric hydrofoil board.

eFoils (as they’re known) aren’t for everyone. The cost can be prohibitive for a start. Yet there’s no question electric hydrofoil boards like the McConks Go Fly are one of the easiest routes to unlocking your fly above water sessions. Easily controlled via a hands free Bluetooth enabled throttle the Go Fly eFoil lifts effortlessly and gives around an hour’s worth of ride time. Trust us when we say you won’t want anymore per session! At the end of your flight simply recharge and get ready to fly again. What’s not to love?

McConks Go Explore 12’8 iSUP.

For all your adventure paddling the McConks Go Explore 12’8 inflatable SUP is primed to get you and all your essentials there intact. With improved glide, tracking and carrying capacity this is an awesome adventure touring stand up paddle board that’ll cope with anything you throw at it. From short hour long sojourns to overnight multiple day trips this is the board! Likewise, if you just want to cruise your local or even huck into a few mellow, small waves the Go Explore 12’8 will have you sorted. Load up and get gone!

McConks Go Explore 14′ iSUP.

If the McConks Go Explore 12’6 is the crème del a crème of adventure SUP boards the 14′ version is the iSUP of type all others are judged by. The additional length gives superior tracking and glide. Whilst you’re free to load up with everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink – and still have room for more! If you’re planning lengthier tours – inland or coastal – the 14′ is your must have inflatable. Knifing through water with ease the Go explore makes light work of even the frothiest of conditions. And it’s not too bad on the maneuverability front either. Have no fear though. If all you want to do is paddle with mates then the 14′ does this and does so in style.

McConks Go Race 12’6 kids and young adult inflatable race board.

Optimised for smaller frames and statures the McConks Go race 12’6 is designed with SUP racing in mind. Even though there’s plenty of additional versatility built in. For instance, it’s perfectly applicable to enjoy some touring/adventure SUP aboard the 12’6. Or likewise, getting stuck into a spot of recreational paddling. Of course, should the need arise to put the hammer then this iSUP will deliver riders all the way to the podium. If that’s the goal…

McConks Go Surf 9’2 children’s iSUP.

As the title would suggest the Go Surf 9’2 is optimised with your offspring in mind. That said, agile and accomplished adults may be able to paddle it without hassle. But for anyone looking at getting their kids involved with SUP – especially littlies – this is the McConks board to go for.

McConks Go Quad x4 person iSUP.

If you want to addle with mates, slightly more seriously than just messing about, or fancy entering multi person SUP race events, the Go Quad is for you!

For more info on any of these products or more hit up the McConks webshop here.

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