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Whitstable SUP
Whitstable SUP

They say you can you choose your friends but not your family.  So the friends you choose say more about who you are than your family do.  And as a SUP brand, although anyone can buy and use our products, its the companies that we choose to call our partners that say a lot about us as a brand.

And on that note, we’re totally excited and thrilled to say that Whitstable SUP is our latest partner.  Like McConks, Whitstable SUP is a small, young company filled with a passion for SUP and sustainability.  For who. having satisfied customers, and enjoying time on the water is more important than more mundane things like making money.  Based, (unsurprisingly) in the beautiful Kentish coastal town of Whitstable, the company provide instruction and guided tours on the Swale and the River Stour.  Both locations, being protected by the Isle of Sheppey are perfectly safe environments for beginners to learn SUP.  And stunningly beautiful.

Lucy Boutwood, the founder of Whitstable SUP, is a qualified SUP instructor, and is often seen on the water with Elmo, her trusty Daschund.  When Lucy was looking for a new SUP provider in 2017, McConks were one of a few possible brands to consider.  After a test paddle on a wet and very windy February day on the River Thames, it became apparent that McConks and Whitstable SUP were a partnership made in heaven.

What does our partnership mean?

Well for Lucy and Whitstable SUP, a fleet of new boards allowing more people to learn to SUP and to explore the beautiful environs of Whitstable.

For Lucy’s customers – great learning and development platforms and paddles.  And a refund of the instruction fee if they buy a board from McConks

For McConks the knowledge that we’re working with a great company that we admire. And of course, the chance for more people to get to try our boards.

Find out more about Whitstable SUP here.

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