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What’s at the end of your road? Making the best of it with a SUP.

Where do you live and call home? Is it somewhere inland and away from the shores of the sea? A big city perhaps, with all the trappings that go with such a location? Or maybe it’s not so much a city and more a town. It could even be a venue somewhere in between the two, still with the usual hustle and bustle of a large built up area but with a touch more open space and chance to escape the confines of your ‘cabin’. And then there’s you village people. And we’re not talking about the YMCA lot! We’re talking rural settings, with less bustle and more chilled situations. You could have the best of both worlds working somewhere busy but residing in the countryside. There are of course scales to all this as variety in the place you live is abundant.

A few may live at the end of the road – literally. Draw a line straight down the map and as sure as eggs are eggs land finishes where they’re at. You can’t go any further unless you’re in a boat or amphibious vehicle, or perhaps another water going craft such as a stand up paddle board. Yes there’s the sea and yes there’s sand but such a place can also offer something to those searching for experiences in the descriptions above. What’s being described here may be coastal but it has a distinct rural village vibe as well. Reverse further back inland and you’ll discover pristine pastures and green fields that feel a million miles away from the sea, even though it isn’t.

Switch it back to more built up areas and the end of your road may eventually lead to outdoor space and freedom to breathe as it were. You could have a a river or lake close by. Perhaps it’s more green space with rolling hills and such. We’d bet though that wherever your abode is water is within fairly easy striking distance. At least for the majority. Driving a little distance to access this could be required but that’s often worth it. And we’re not talking miles and miles anyway. Let’s be honest: it’ll be a darn site quicker to get to your local pond than the beach.

The end of your road may look like this…

As we all continue to unlock our freedom in these still uncertain times there’s one thing that’s clear: getting outdoors and making the most of wherever you live is essential for mental health, well being and general positivity. A rough day, week or month can often be alleviated by some fresh air – however you obtain it. Stand up paddle boarding gives you a vehicle to achieve this and you don’t need to go to the ends of the Earth to have some paddling fun.

Wherever you reside ‘interest’ can be discovered. You just have to be receptive. The end of your road may appear lacking, at least for SUP, upon first inspection. But look closer and you’ll probably discover this probably isn’t the case. With SUP underfoot, paddle in hand and a little water to float you’ll be good to go. Unlock your freedom this summer and discover all that’s great about the end of your road!

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