What will your first stand up paddle of 2021 be like? #freedomunlocked

Pic: David Hughes/Brighton Pictures

If you’re currently not paddling, because of COVID restrictions or the fact it’s brass monkeys, chances are daydreams of warmer, less stressful SUP days will be flowing through your mind. Daydreaming about stand up paddle boarding is normal. It can be an all consuming hobby – once bitten forever smitten, as the phrase goes.

Perhaps those biting air and water temperatures aren’t exactly enticing you out for a float at the moment. Or maybe you just can’t/won’t because of Lockdown 3.0 restrictions (everyone’s free to make their own choice here – we’re not judging). Whatever your circumstances around not being able to SUP you’re probably looking towards spring, rising mercury levels and water that doesn’t freeze a duck’s chuff.

So how do you picture that first ‘release’ paddle of 2021? How do you see it panning out in your mind’s eye? Perhaps it’ll be a SUP surfing excursion. Maybe you’ll be draining the last (dying) embers of white water from your local river. If high energy SUP isn’t your bag then a calm and collected flatty could be the day’s order. Or maybe searching for that next stand up paddling adventure is on your radar.

Whatever your SUP flavour we’re sure when it finally happens your stoke levels will be through the roof (again). And fortunately, there’s not too much longer to wait – honest! March isn’t that far away. And whilst we appreciate there can still be ‘orrible weather in spring at least the whole prospect will be on the up.

Let us know how you’re first stand up paddle of 2021 will be.


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