What is SUP? This is SUP!

What is SUP? This is SUP!

When you look at most paddleboarding content on webpages and social media, you might be forgiven for thinking that SUP is just for young, slim, pretty people, who also happen to be cool and hip.

But paddleboarding is about so much more than that.

SUP is, for many people about about community and fun. For others its a way of escaping from people. But it is absolutely for people of all ages, and all fitness levels. It’s for the young and the old, for the fit and unfit. In fact, it’s a really good way to start to get yourself fit again.

If your balance is awful? Don’t worry – there’s a board out there that makes it easy for you to balance – just get a bigger board until your balance has improved.

And what about if you are less abled? We’ve seen some amazing, inspirational challenges carried out by blind paddlers, and paddlers with significant physical challenges. And it’s also great for mental health.

So to bring this message home, we’ve put together this little video made up of footage provided by our customers, partners and friends. Not from professional video makers, or sales and marketing people.

But real people.

Because that is what paddleboarding is all about.

Thanks to the following for their support and/or contributing!

The Princes Trust

Hurley Foundation

The National Trust

The Scout Association – scout adventures


Beyond Boundaries East Lothian


Mere Mountains

Standup Paddle Mag UK

Anyone Can

Water, Rock, Dirt

Cotswold Water Park Hire

Scotland SUP Co

Ramblings of a Broken Hiker

Ben Arthur Photography

Gonzo SUP

Yellowbelly SUP

SUP experience

Rapid Skills



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