Weekend Candy (Claire) does adventure SUP, aboard a McConks inflatable stand up paddle board.

This is actually something from 2019, but it’s still relevant. It also happens that Weekend Candy (Claire) is indulging in one of her 7 unmissable SUP adventures aboard a trusty McConks iSUP. Of course, because of this fact alone, we’re sharing this. But it’s more than just narcissism on our part. There’s some good info in Weekend Candy’s article about SUP adventures and how to make the most your time afloat.

Here at McConks we’re all about stand up paddle boarding adventures – whether they be short, hour long sojourns or longer, multi-day excursions. We offer the right SUP gear for the job. All you need to do is provide that spark of inspiration, make the appropriate plans and off you go.

So have a read of Claire’s article and either copy what she did or get involved in your own SUP adventure.

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