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Trees for life and carbon neutrality

GoBeyond – trees4sup

As part of our #GoBeyond initiative, at the start of this year (it’s now April 2019) we made ourselves a commitment to do more to support rewilding initiatives, and to move towards carbon neutrality.

And then we found out about the rewilding charity #treesforlife. And decided that we could probably combine the two commitments!

We can’t make any bold claims about carbon neutrality, because we’re working with our manufacturers to properly quantify the embedded carbon in our whole supply chain. And that takes time.

But in the meantime, we’re working with trees for life to set up our corporate grove.

Why have we chosen trees for life?

Some tree planting/carbon offestting schemes charge as little as 11p per tree, and plant them in random far away places with little real governance over the people who plant them or how they’re looked after. Some of the worst offestting companies actually cut down virgin rainforest to then replant them with saplings. Sadly, you can actually do more harm than good by supporting these cheaper and less ethical schemes.

Trees for life charge £6 per tree planted – which is enough to ensure the tree is maintained as part of our McConks corporate grove. And our grove is part of a much wider rewilding the Highlands project, therefore part of a designed and long term project.

We’ll share more details in due course.

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