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Too much of a good thing? Burning out on SUP…

If you really get into stand up paddling then chances are you’ll be clambering for every conceivable opportunity to get out and indulge. And why not? If you’ve got the gear, have the time then fill your boots. We know of plenty people who’ve recently got hold of their own gear and now have the SUP bug, which is great!

There is, however, something to consider if you stick to the same stomping ground – or rather, paddling water – and your tried and tested type of session. Dare we say that you may become bored and burn out on SUP if you don’t mix things up.

Stand up paddle boarding‘s versatility is widely touted. Even with an inflatable SUP you’re able to tackle different stretches of water and mix your SUP shenanigans up. Variety is, after all, the spice of life. Predominantly coastal paddlers are free to take their gear inland, flat water SUPers can quite happily tackle waves and if you’ve the option of sticking a sail on your board, ala windSUP, then you definitely should. The more you do the more rounded your experience and skillset will become meaning you’ll be able to take on most kinds of conditions that are bowled your way.

Sometimes, however, even if you do diversify, you may just not feel it. The weather could be perfect, your window of opportunity right on the money yet your inner desire to get paddling just not fizzing. But that’s OK. We all lose our mojo from time to time. The solution is to not beat yourself up and go do something else, whatever that may be. Being able to come back to stand up, having spent a little time away, could help you reset the stoke button so the next time you’re aboard your appetite is the same, or even more ravenous, than previous.

Here’re a few tips if you feel your current SUP isn’t flicking the switch.

  • SUP surf – start small at first but heading for a play in the waves will have you buzzing for sure.
  • Head off on a mini SUP adventure – this could give you a taste and spur you on to longer sojourns.
  • Do a downwinder – if you’re unsure what downwinding is then Google it. You don’t need a gale but you do need logistics in place before setting off (like how to get back to you launch point).
  • Get qualified – becoming an instructor is a way to inspire and help others progress and is super rewarding.
  • Learn how to windsurf/windSUP (if your board has the right attachments).
  • Wing it! Winging is the latest ‘big thing’ to hit watersports and will provide a bit of fun during breezy sessions.
  • Get involved with some mellow white water paddling – don’t head for your nearest grade 5 but mellow river SUPing can be good fun.

There are plenty more ways to spice up your stand up paddle boarding. If you need pointing in teh right direction feel free to us a shout.

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