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The mundane vs the excitement of SUP.

Waking bleary-eyed I pull back the curtains to reveal a grey and gloomy view. Trudging downstairs I make coffee, eat a quick (bland) breakfast and head to the shower. 10 minutes later I feel a little more normal but I’m still not exactly fizzing! Yanking my clothes on glumly I check the time. Yep! Need to head out now…

Sat in my car for a moment I stare out the windscreen. It’s now started to drizzle. Yet another example of Mother Nature mimicking my mood. Edging slowly out into traffic I proceed along my normal route towards the office and work.

Sat behind my desk colleagues pass by every so often, smiling or making idle chitchat. I do my best to acknowledge and join in. But I can’t help wonder if they pick up on my disinterest. Tip tapping at the keyboard I plow the usual pile of work, only halting for some lunch. In a bid to switch things up I run across the car park in the now torrential downpour for something more indulgent from the mobile greasy spoon. This certainly brightens my mood, for a short lived moment. I then start feeling guilty for having ingested all those calories. And for the rest of the afternoon, I feel like there’s a brick resting in the pit of my stomach.

We’ve all been here!

Turning down the offer of post-work drinks I head back to my flat where Whiskers (original I know) is waiting patiently. She purrs and brushes against my ankles as I fill her food bowl. As I throw my work jacket on the sofa Whiskers buries her nose in her food. At least someone’s happy I say out loud! Whiskers turns and looks at me for a brief moment before continuing her eating.

Thoughts turning to dinner I opt for something healthy in a bid to offset my not so healthy lunch option. Having cleared my plate and dishes I then veg out on the sofa until it’s time for bed. All the while heavy rain drums on the windows. At last, tucked up beneath my warm duvet I drift off to the sound of pitter pattering.


My alarm goes off with a loud buzz. But instead of launching it across the room I bounce out of bed, the early morning sunlight streaming through cracks between my curtains. It’s still early, but that doesn’t matter, as I splash my face with cold water and quickly scrub my teeth. No office clothes today! Instead, I’m wearing my active wear which consists of compression pants and a wicking, amphibious top. My hair’s tied back and I have a scarf wrapped around my head in a sort of sweat band kind of way.

An energy bar and glass of water later I’m beside my Mini with stand-up paddle board already strapped to the roof. In eager anticipation I got everything sorted the night before so there’s no faffing as I jump in the driver’s seat and rev the engine. With sunny blue skies in abundance, I’m on the road heading for my destination.

Nothing beats a quality day of SUP!

After 20 minutes or so I arrive in a slightly damp car park next to the river. The sun’s not quite high enough for its rays to burn off the dew yet. But that’ll happen quickly, no doubt. Readying themselves on the grass are two of my paddling mates. As we greet it’s all smiles, giggles and frantic chatter.

Quick as a flash my SUP board’s off the roof and I’m ready for action. A few last minute checks of which route we’re taking and then it’s away. Chucking my board onto the water I opt for the risky jump and launch method. One of my mate’s gives a chuckling suggestion it would’ve been pure comedy had I got that wrong! Fortunately, I didn’t though.

As we head off I can’t quell the brimming feeling of joy as we paddle along. Early morning dog walkers raise a hand in greeting. But other than that, and the sound of our own voices, it’s nothing but birdsong and the slight rustling of trees for company. This is living. This is what I love!

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