The best SUP spot in the world.

Is there the best SUP spot in the world? Does such a place exist that’s so world beatingly good for stand up paddle boarding that every SUPer worth his/her salt wants to live and paddler there? And most importantly, if this is so, what makes it so special?

SUP flavours.

Every stand up paddler does things their way. How and where you SUP may be similar to others but as an individual there are slight nuances that make you an original stand up paddler. It could be the minute odd angle at which you draw your paddle stroke through to the recovery. Or likewise, it could be your individual way of pivot turning. And so on.

Some paddlers would think this is the best SUP spot in the world.

You then have preferences of style, coupled with the area of SUP you paddle. It may be you’re a white water river runner who loves neon paddling attire and a pink helmet. (That’ll make you stand out!). But this is you, doing your thing, and nobody’s going to tell you any different.

SUP locations.

Let’s be honest. There’s no real perfect stand up paddle boarding location for every single stand up paddle boarder. There may be locations that are great for certain types of rider. And if your preference is for that type of paddle boarding then you’ll gravitate here.

Based on the described rider in the SUP flavours section above personal taste will play a part in how and where you stand up paddle. You may consider your location to be paramount of SUP spots but there’ll be those that wouldn’t sniff as much as consider it.

Swedish winter stand up paddle boarding with Chris Jones. #5
Chris Jones reckons his Swedish SUP backyard is pretty decent.

What about overseas destinations?

Some locations abroad can appear idyllic for SUP. And if you should get chance to visit maybe they are – for a certain period of time. Spend any length at these global put ins and the whole picture will slowly reveal itself.

Maui – the birthplace of modern SUP – is one such place. Tropical weather, white sandy beaches, and dreamy Pacific Ocean waves will be highly attractive to many experienced riders. But those not into waves won’t perhaps care for it. Preferring instead to head for their local river where in summer it’s flat calm, shallow and sheltered.

Is this the best SUP spot in the world? You may think so…

There’s no such thing as the perfect, ultimate, best SUP spot in the world. But it’d be a shame not to investigate as many as possible…

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