THAT dry robe/change robe post we did one Christmas…who’d a thought?

Some of you may be experienced with digital and how things like SEO, content creation and marketing works. Others maybe not. In a nutshell, anything McConks puts on its website is crawled (‘read’ if you like) by Google. Google then index it and put it in front of users asking questions or searching for info related to the topic in question. Every now and again you publish something that goes bonkers – for various reasons.

Google ‘reads’ websites algorithmically which means a highly sophisticated, automated piece of software ‘crawls’ all web pages from all websites – that’s mind boggling amounts of data and info hence why a machine learning piece of code does the job. Google also monitors how each piece of content (article, product page and so on) is interacted with. If a blog post starts getting lots of traffic (reads) Google may give it a better score and bump the article up the rankings making it more visible. In some rare cases the article in question may be put amongst seemingly other off topic articles that appear to have no relation. Yet dig deeper and you’ll probably find similarities.

A few Christmases back McConks published an article about dry robes (or change robes if you will). This started to get a lot of interest. Change robes are extremely popular, whether you use them for watersports or not. We’ve seen everyday folk wearing them out and about for instance!

The article in question continued to get traffic and has since gone on to be one of the most popular blog posts we’ve ever published. Google obviously consider McConks to be an authority of the subject of dry/change robes. We do, of course, have much experience of change robes having used plenty ourselves. It does make us chuckle, however, that it’s this article that continues to bring large volumes people to the McConks website. But whatever, if it works it works. W e have plenty of other content that does a similar job. But if we can convert a non-paddler (who’s found us via this article) to the magic of SUP then all good. If we can expose more people to stand up paddle boarding then all the better. And if it that happens off the back of a seemingly random article then so be it.

Here’s the original article in case you’re curious –

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