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Skatewheel one wheel style – taking it to the land.

Skatewheel one wheel electric skateboards offer a unique riding experience. A cross between Marty McFly style futuristic hoverboarding and the same feeling you get when foiling on water, It’s addictive, fun and child’s play. We’re serious! Within a short space of time most adults will be able to pilot the McConks SW without issue.

T3 Skatewheel one wheel upgrades.

The T3 version is much upgraded when compared to the first generation. The new model has a bigger wheel hub and is more responsive through turns and carves. It feels more stable as well. When going into corners the bigger hub helps keep traction which in turn inspires more confidence to push the move a little harder. Although not too much we hasten too had! The worst you can do is over egg the pudding and end up getting bucked off!

From a range point of view you get 20-35km on one charge with a potential top speed of 21mph which is comparable to other similar skateboards! But the SW is much less in terms of price tag so better value in our eyes.

Cruise machine.

Where the McConks SW’s strengths lie is during cruising. Its intuitive handling makes it a doddle when covering distance. Take the dog for a walk (which we’ve done lots!), head out for a blast round with the kids or disappear for some ‘me’ time. At least for a short while… Your SW’s application is entirely your choice.

All in the McConks one wheel is a nifty bit of kit that’s the perfect accompaniment to your on water SUP exploits. It can help massively with additional SUP balance training whilst remaining a fun ‘toy’ in its own right. For anyone fancying some affordable hoverboarding action get one of these in your life. You won’t regret it!

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