SUP4 featured in AXA Healthcare’s mental health campaign – Lee’s stand up paddle boarding story.

SUP4 have been featured in AXA Healthcare’s campaign focusing on mental health. In their latest blog one of SUP4‘s stand up paddle boarding students, Lee, talks about how SUP helped her find calm and peace – all whilst enjoying a float in the outdoors.

Mental health’s a topic McConks have focused on at length in the past few months. Stand up paddle boarding – in fact, outdoor recreational activity of any form – can do wonders for headspace resetting your equilibrium. Each struggle is unique – some more serious than others – but if you can find release in the form of outdoor activities then we’d suggest you pursue this.

Check out Lee’s video story below.

If you want to find out more about SUP4 then have a nose at the article we did with Rachel here.

For other mental health related McConks articles see the following. And remember, look out for one another – these kinds of issues often go unseen.

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