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SUP safety: beginning and progressing with SUP (get a lesson).

Pics: Rapid Skills

With all eyes on spring 2021 and (fingers crossed) a brand spanking new season of SUP there’ll be a bunch of you looking to get involved with stand up paddling for the first time. There may also be a fair few looking to push on with their skills, having learnt the basics during summer 2020. Here at McConks we’ve talked about SUP safety, and our commitment to helping promote safe practise of stand up, at length. This means we’ll be looking at every aspect of what can make stand up paddle boarding an even safer activity. One such area is that of SUP instructors and how their knowledge and guidance can help newbie paddlers and intermediates progress without issue. In fact, with the right instructor holding the correct qualifications and having the necessary experience themselves, all paddlers are poised to benefit from coaching. After all, the age old saying: ‘every day’s a school day’ never rang more true than with stand up. Whilst some may perceive SUP to be lacking of skill there’s no question technique and proper ways of doing things, plus all important knowledge, is there for the taking.

It’s arguably the latter of that sentence that played most part in a spate of rescues needing to be carried out to bring beginner paddle boarders back to shore. A large percentage of those hearing the call in 2020 had zero water experience prior to stepping aboard their brand new inflatable SUP. For any seasoned water woman or man it’s not hard to appreciate the potentially hazardous situations this can (and often did) lead to last summer. Therefore having a font of SUP knowledge on hand to help with all aspects of your stand up paddle boarding makes great sense. And from the participant’s point of view this means rapid progression.

Getting a lesson or advanced SUP coaching makes complete sense for everyone – no matter what their level of experience. Do your research, in terms of which school or instructor(s) you plan on using and you’ll be rewarded with a summer of substantial fun. If you need any pointers, in terms of who McConks recommend/work with, then get in touch.

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