SUP Lass (Caz Dawson) in SUP Mag UK.

It’s been talked out before but McConks doesn’t play the media game. As in we don’t agree with paying for advertising just to feature in magazines. Yes, we do so in this particular one. But that’s genuinely not why the article has appeared. That’s down to the editorial team and their choosing. But Caz is deserved of all exposure and is a great person to interview.

We’ll also say we’re not trying to sell copies of the magazine on behalf of SUPM. That’s your choice whether you choose to pay for a copy. You can either get hold of a print mag here or wait until the Q&A ends up online and read it for free then. All of their articles are published on the SUPM website at some point.

So massive big up to SUP Lass and keep on with your good work. And big up all our other awesome McConks SUP partners and friends. We love you too!

You can read the SUP Lass McConks awesome SUP partner salute article here.

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