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SUP in later life – older generation paddling benefits.

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There isn’t anyone person that couldn’t benefit from recreational stand up paddle boarding. Just being outdoors and enjoying mild exercise is enough. ad a board and paddle, however, and things become more interesting. Whilst you still get your daily dose of being active. One of the forefathers of modern SUP is John Zapotocky. He paddled standing upright into his 90s and was a bigger advocate of stand up paddling’s health benefits.

We appreciate sometimes health issues can get in the way. Although in a lot of cases stand up paddle boarding can alleviate symptoms. It’s worth checking with your doctor whether SUP can help if you have a pre-existing medical condition. You may be surprised.

SUP as an older paddler.

As we age physical mobility can strat and decrease. Keeping our joints and muscles supple is therefore a good move. Stand up paddle boarding ‘works’ a large portion of your main muscle groups. And in recreational form does say with minimal harmful impacts. Keeping your joints in good working order will help riders avoid falls, broken and some other serious health situations.

Ther’s also a positive mental health impact, which we’ve spoken about at length on the McConks blog. Having an upbeat outlook on life can bring its own rewards. And SUP can certainly be the catalyst for achieving this.

SUP’s Godfather, John Zapotocky showing how older paddling’s done.

We appreciate SUP isn’t always easy though. The elements conspire against us in the UK as well as other factors. Motivation can be harder. At which point it might be a good idea to gather a like-minded crew of friends or acquaintances and for a paddle boarding club. Being able to bounce off one another’s energy and good vibes could encourage everyone to get afloat.

SUP and overexertion.

One thing we’d warn against is overexertion. At any age pushing the boat out too far can have a negative impact on health. As we get older injuries – even niggly types – can sometimes be harder to shift. Know your limits and be ready to halt proceedings if it doesn’t feel right. Listening to your body is one to prolong fulfilling stand up paddle boarding sessions.

SUP has such positive health benefits – whatever your age.

There’s no question SUP is a great thing to have in your life. It may be you utilise progressive training techniques. Especially if you err towards performance orientated SUP such as racing and surfing. Again, there’s no reason to not indulge, with everything to gain. You may just have to work up to it at the beginning. And be aware of being benched for any length of time where paddling fitness may wane.

Stand up paddle boarding is one way to enjoy life to its fullest – especially as we get older. Let us know if you have any tips for paddling in later life.

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