SUP fundamentals – bury (submerge) your paddle’s blade during each stroke.

Teaching SUP paddle technique is tricky. As individuals we’re wired uniquely to complete the ‘moves’ which best suit our body geometry. Trying to force a SUPer to paddle your way is therefore wrong. What’s much better is to work with the rider in questions and help develop their technique to be as efficient as possible. That said there are a couple of fundamentals which need to be adhered to when talking stand up paddling technique. One of which is burying, or completely submerging, the blade during the catch (power/pull) part of the stroke.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve the correct length paddle shaft of not; whether you’re stance is Bob on or what type of board you’re paddling. In fact, little else matters as much when considering forwards propulsion and momentum. Your paddle is your engine and tickling the water is akin to driving a Ferrari F40 whilst keeping it in first gear. You’re not enjoying the full benefit and stylistically doesn’t look great. Aesthetics aside, however, and it’s the efficiency of your paddling that’s the big one to focus on. Time and again we see paddlers barely tickling the water with their paddle. If that blade was to be fully immersed then even if said paddler doesn’t have the great ‘reach’, a beast mode ‘catch and ‘pull’ or lightening ‘recovery’ then their efficient (and therefore overall enjoyment of SUP) would go up exponentially.

Next time you’re out for a float try it. Reach towards the nose as you would do normally then plunge that paddle blade all the way in. You shoudl feel a degree of resistance from the water but we guarantee you’ll be advancing forwards at a much greater rate of knots than previous. Repeat this all the time so your muscle memory locks it in and the whole process becomes natural.

As far as stand up paddle boarding fundamental tips are concerned this is one of the biggest…

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