SUP for wheelchair users – McConks’ Mega lending a helping hand.

Pics: Steve Nelson

It’s not always easy for disabled people wanting to get involved with stand up paddle boarding. There are lots of logistics and safety points to tick off and with every disability different, and the way it affects each individual, no ‘blueprint’ exists for getting afloat. Yet, where there’s a will there’s a way…

We know a few McConks aficionados getting stuck in and through ingenuity and perseverance are helping disabled paddlers get involved and making it happen. In this case, we’re talking about Steve Nelson who’s adapted the McConks Mega to accommodate a wheelchair, as you can see in the accompanying images.

You can see how Steve’s used the handles of the Mega to attached a ratchet strap which has then been tightened thereby securing the wheelchair to the board’s deck. It helps the Mega is so big with built in leeway of volume and width (plenty of it!). Needless to say the system works well even with additional paddlers loaded up for team paddling fun! Smiles all round.

All in we doff our cap to Steve for investing the time in getting this working and opening up SUP up to a wider audience. Nice one.

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