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SUP by Post: what’s it all about?

Here at McConks, we appreciate not everyone’s in a position to purchase their own stand up paddle board equipment. For various reasons, this mightn’t be the right thing for you. Yet, there may still be a desire, want and need to get on a paddleboard somehow.

Of course, you could always go to a physical SUP school and SUP hire shop but this isn’t always the most flexible option. Fixed opening and closing times mean you don’t get the benefit of those sunrise to sunset paddles, or moonlit paddles. So what if you could actually have your own stand up paddle board, at least for a short period of time. This would give plenty of flexibility and also allow you to assess the ‘best fit’ nature of the kit and whether SUP’s for you. All in your own time on your own terms.

McConks SUP has been operating SUP By Post for a while now. SUP By Post gives you the option to hire any McConks all round, explorer, mega, wind or kid’s SUP for as little as £8.50 a day. Whichever your choice all gear will arrive as a complete package including a McConks carbon paddle and all the necessary bits to get you on the water.

SUP By Post also allows you to accrue points based on how much cash you part with. These can then be redeemed against any McConks product in our online shop. If you spend £10 then you earn £1 back. Or alternatively, you can purchase the board you’ve been hiring if you think it’s the love of your life.

Full details of all SUP By Post opportunities can be found on the website –

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