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SUP backyards: Indonesia paddle board destinations to check out.

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For this installment of our SUP backyards articles, we focus on Indonesia. A stunning part of the world for stand up paddle boarding Indonesia’s SUP potential is just waiting to be discovered. Below are a few spots the country has to offer the travelling paddle boarder.

Komodo National Park.

Seclusion, fabulous beaches and unique wildlife make the Komodo National Park worth a look. Home to the fearsome looking Komodo Dragon it doesn’t get more picturesque and exotic. Abundant Tropical animals and amazing water are what you’ll find. A multitude of SUP routes exist for the inquisitive paddle boarder. It just may take a little thought before you set off.

Lake Toba.

Lake Toba is 100km long and 30km wide making for an extensive area paddlers will love. It’s also a supervolcano – which only adds to the adventure. Located in the North Sumatra province Lake Toba is sheer beauty and vastness. Paddle boarders wanting to cover ground will no doubt be fulfilled here.


When speaking Indo paddle boarding we couldn’t omit Bali. Possibly more commonly associated with surfing than paddling this well known island is great for SUP surfing and partying. There’s also a bit of white water paddling if you fancy. Rounding out your days with a few Bintangs at sunset is a fab way to top off your SUP day!

Raja Ampat.

Raja Ampat’s islands are a little tricky to access. Those difficulties make it well worth the hassle though as you’ll be rewarded with paradisiac SUPing. Translated as the Four Kings Raja Ampat is an archipelago of over 1500 islands, cays and shoals all perfectly placed to be explored at length in a kayak. Locals are mostly fishing people with this being an area dominated by the sea. If you’re the type of SUP paddler who craves escape and freedom Raja Ampat is for you.

Mentawai Islands.

Another prone surfing Indonesian staple are the Mentawai Islands. In recent years it’s gained traction with SUP surfers. Some breaks offer pretty intense wave experiences and serious consequences of getting wrong. But if you love nothing better than big powerful drops and arcing top turns, the Mentawi Islands can be amazing.

Indonesia should be on every travelling paddle boarder’s bucket list. Whichever spot you choose a guaranteed memorable time is what you’ll end up with.

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