SUP backyards: Chris Jones’ Swedish paddling paradise.

All pics: Chris Jones.

SUP backyards follows on from the popular McConks SUP community awesomeness pics posts we’ve been doing we’re now starting a (semi) regular series that focuses on our Facebook group’s paddling backyards. Of course, it doesn’t just have to stop there. If anyone wants to get in touch and show us their stand up paddling paradise then feel free via the usual channels.

To kick the series off, however, we’re looking at our man in Sweden (Chris Jones) and his backyard. We have to say some of SUP images Chris posts do make the place looks absolutely idyllic. It’s definitely on our bucket list of SUP travel destinations to hit up.

With its serene flat water, idyllic backdrops, calm waters and fantastic adventure SUP opportunities we’re pretty sure Sweden tanks as one of the prettiest locations around. As well as delivering on the promise of exploration opportunities. What do you think?

And should you fancy getting more info on stand up paddle boarding in Sweden then we’re sure Chris wouldn’t mind answering some questions about the place. Hit him up in the McConks SUP community Facebook group.

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