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Sunny September SUP sessions with the McConks Freedom 10’6 hard board.

As the end of September rolls round it’s fair to say the month has been full of Indian Summer SUP goodness in many parts. With Mother Nature seeing fit to deliver warm, sunny SUP weather (having stalled on her promise through high season proper) there’s been much incentive to get afloat and continue finding freedom. 

Schools are now back, a large number of the population are back at work and put ins are much quieter. As air temps continue to hover around the warm mark, and water mercury levels follow suit, there’s never been more incentive to paddle.

Paddling with your kids is always a good idea.

Sometimes we find ourselves gifted extra time with our kids – for various reasons. With diving deep into the details here we’ll just leave it that situations out of someone’s control can often deliver silver linings, one of which is more hours in the day to enjoy fun times aboard a SUP. If you have a child (or children) obsessed by water this is most welcome.

Under the bridge aboard the McConks Freedom 10’6 hard SUP.

Finding our freedom isn’t always straight forward. But in this case, the McConks Freedom 10’6 hard SUP gives the perfect ride for enjoying what could almost be a tropical paradise mere yards from home. As daddy/daughter time (or any other son/daughter mum/dad combo) you can’t beat it. Sweeping round in idyllic stand up paddle boarding conditions with your little girl is extremely special (more so than anyone could actually imagine just looking at the accompanying shots). 

The Freedom looks the biz under a south coast sun but also rewards by being a fun McConks hard SUP (yep, you read that right – this a hard shell stand up paddle board from McConks) that’s nimble yet forgiving in equal measure. Fun to take to waves when conditions allow yet forgiving and versatile enough to accommodate a passenger. And did we say you can also attach a windsurf sail for additional windSUP jollies?

Somewhere tropical? Nah, just a sunny September SUP day in the UK.

As autumn rolls on, and eventually gives way to winter proper, those mercury levels will certainly drop and make sessions like this less common. Hopefully, we’ll score a few and not endure too harsh a winter for SUP. In the meantime, we’ll savor these moments and remember them always…

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