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Summer & winter (SUP) watersports holidays – a good choice for many.

Watersports holidays can be a great choice for many – not just families either! There’s a lot to be said about having everything sorted for your stay, including accommodation, eats and drinks, all your SUP gear (as well as other watersports equipment), kid’s clubs, land based activities and SUP tuition. As travel destinations open up the watersports package holiday could be back on the menu for many…

Family paddling – overseas SUP holiday fun.

‘Package holiday’ can sometimes be a dirty term, conjuring up images of the burgers, booze and boobs brigade. Yet a company like Neilson, for instance, provide exactly this (watersports package holidays that is!). And all done with a family friendly falvour. For anyone looking for a hassle free stand up paddle boarding trip this can be a good choice.

Sunshine, sand, blue sky, warm water and an abundance of watersports toys – what’s not to like?

There are plenty of benefits as well. The aforementioned provision of equipment, plus tuition and guidance from instructors. Sometimes you’ll be taken to the best spot on the day applicable to your level of paddling. With SUP surfing as an example, this can cut out so much hit and miss driving around as you’ll arrive at the spot, with good waves and be able to get straight in for a sesh and rinse it! THere’s nothing like being able to maximise your time afloat; utilising local knowledge in the process.

Paddling to an Italian backdrop – SUPing the Cantabria coast.

Some downsides exist though. The gear you use could be unfamiliar, leading to a period of dialing it in. In some cases, such as with Neilson, you’ll be confined to their designated paddling area and not able to take SUP equipment off-site. This can narrow your paddling arena down significantly. Although sweeping round in the warm sunshine can often make up for this.

Often when you think of holidays summer comes into mind. And, of course, a summer stand up paddling break can be great. But thought should also be given to winter SUP trips. As we head towards the off season, when chilly temperatures move in, a lot of new paddlers won’t be as tempted to head out for a float on home stretches of water. Getting gone abroad, to somewhere warmer, could therefore be just the ticket and provide some much needed SUP respite to tide you over until spring.

If you’re looking for overseas stand up paddle boarding holiday inspiration check out the McConks bitesize international travel guides here. Stay tuned for more being added as well.

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