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Stuck in a SUP rut? Tips to get out.

As much as we love SUP we appreciate it’s all too easy to become stuck in a SUP rut. Doing the same old thing atop the same old stretch of water – for those who put in regularly – may get samey. Switching things up and changing how you paddle is often the best cure, however. Here are a few suggestions for getting out of a SUP rut.

Paddle a different SUP board.

Rather than grabbing your regular paddle board why not switch it up to something different? Maybe your partner’s board (if it’s different) or even your kid’s sled. You could ask your local SUP brand or center to loan you something.

Whatever your choice switching rides, at least for a time, will force an expansion of your surfing paddling repertoire. There’s plenty to look at in the McConks webshop.

McConks has plenty of different models to choose from.

Switch your spot.

This may seem obvious but simply heading somewhere new to paddle can be a good move. After all, not all locations work in the same way. Again, this will force paddle boarders to alter their approach and figure stuff out thereby making for a more engaging session.

If you need inspiration for new places to SUP then check out the MCconks bitesize guides here.

Who doesn’t like discovering new places to paddle?

Make your SUP sessions more fun.

SUP’s ALL about fun – r or it should be! If you’re not enjoying your riding then you have to ask why. All too often we see paddlers emerging from the water surly look on their face. Ditching the serious element making SUP more fun will inject new enthusiasm into your paddling. Something like SUP freestyle, which we talked about here, can be proper giggles. Whilst at the same time teaching you something new.

SUP freestyle aboard the McConks Go Free.

Take a paddle boarding holiday.

Heading off to paddling pastures new – home or away – can do wonders for your SUPing. It also incorporates some of the elements mentioned above. UK paddle boarding certainly isn’t all boardies and BBQs. If this is what you yearn then now’s the time to grab your gear and get gone overseas. . Warmer climes and a decent dose of Vitamin D is great for the headspace reset.

SUP holidays are awesome for resetting your paddle clock.

On the right forecast, however, UK SUP destinations can be just as cracking as those abroad. You can find UK SUP travel guides here. With international SUP spot write ups here.

Teach your kids to paddle.

If you haven’t done so already then introduce your offspring (for those who have them) to the ways of the paddle. With the right guidance getting your kids amped on SUP is very doable. Even if it’s only messing about in the froth they’ll love it and as a parent there’s no better reward than seeing their beaming faces.

Kids iSUP
We’re big advocates fo teaching kids to SUP.

These are just a few ways to inject a bit more spice into your paddle boarding. We’re pretty sure there are many more. Let us know what methods you favour.

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