Sticking to our guns, spreading the SUP message and keeping on topic.

It’s a fairly simple process for any kind of brand to come up with a message (well, in theory). Some may suggest they’re the most technologically advanced with their wares whilst others will tell you how ‘real world paddler’ focused they are. In the short term these messages tend to stay on point, which is pretty much marketing 101. The tricky part is months and years down the line where behind the scenes things change, priorities alter, money (making more of it) becomes the sole focus and that original brand message can become diluted, forgotten or change altogether.

Looking back over the entire blogroll (articles McConks have published on this very website) it’s nice to see we actually haven’t changed that much. McConks has its values and USPs. If you’re unsure of those then click this link –

Another focus of ours is helping stand up paddlers via knowledge and acquiring this via information and education. Whilst some of McConks’ blog posts are opinion a large percentage are factual and experience based, pulled from ours and our friends’ own experience aboard stand up paddle boards. The topics covered are us trying to help you, our lovely customers, develop your SUP skills and progress down whichever stand up paddle board pathway you see fit. It’s why we collect all this info together in the McConks SUP Knowledge Hub and why we have guides such as the McConks SUP User Guide, SUP Hacks and the guides to windy SUP disciplines and foiling. All these info points are designed to pass on what we know about the varied and colorful world of SUP.

Here are another couple of examples of how we haven’t deviated much from the type of content we publish. This post about SUP touring from 2017 –

And this from 2020, which although titled adventure SUP is still just a play on the wider phrase touring SUP.

We like to now call this adventure as that exactly what you can achieve every time you step aboard your McConks stand up paddle board. It doesn’t have to week long excursions it can be a few hours exploring your local – you get the drift!

As McConks continue to grow and evolve we’re pretty sure our core values, ethos and message will stay the same. It’s something we’re passionate about. In tandem with this our message will hopefully remain as is. For sure, we may be able to add more information as we, just as you, are always learning and striving to do things better. As we accumulate this extra breath of understanding we’ll aim to pass it on.

If you have any ideas of topics you’d like to see covered then get in touch.

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