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Stay SUP cool during the summer heat with McConks.

It’s continuing to hot up across the UK with the Met Office having issued warnings for the weekend ahead of extreme heat. As yet there’s no firm idea of exactly the temperatures we’ll get. Some are still suggesting close to 40C. Whereas the more conservative forecasts reckon it’ll be mid-30s in key places.

The south and south east look to be warmest. But the majority of the UK is expected to bake. Even the far north of Scotland is set to be on the balmier side. Here’s the Met Office prediction for the next few days.

The Met Office has extended an Amber Extreme heat warning, as temperatures will build this weekend and early next week for much of England and Wales.

The Amber warning, which has been issued for Sunday, Monday and now Tuesday, highlights likely adverse health effects for the public, not just limited to those most vulnerable to extreme heat. Temperatures could peak in excess of 35C in the southeast, and more widely around 32C within the warning area, with Monday and Tuesday most likely to see temperatures around this level.  

Into next week and it’s possibly sustained in parts. Potentially there’ll be further rise into Tuesday but this is a way off and it’s an evolving scenario.

So the warmth will continue no question. And what better place to ride it out (literally) than being afloat? Whether inland or coastal being aboard your SUP is the coolest place (in every sense of the term) to be. If it’s hotter than hot the open space of water is a good choice for keeping the temperature down. And, of course, there’s always the option of taking a dip to cool off further.

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