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Soundtrack to our lives | There’s only one way of life

Back in the winter, we spoke to the legends that are The Levellers about using the track ‘There’s only one way of life’ as the backing track to a video we had in mind, promoting the fun and happy side of paddelboarding. We were so sick of seeing the same old paddleboard videos – pretty, fit, young people using the wrong gear, in the wrong way, often in unsafe locations for the gear they’re using.

So we decided to do our own video. And using content that our community shared with us, rather than using professional videographers and models.

And of course, the song One Way of Life, which is all about the diversity of life, and doing things your own way – not just following the in crowd, and not doing what’s expected of you – sums up what we think paddleboarding is all about, and provides the perfect backing track.

And that’s not say that the video doesn’t contain pretty people, or young people, and it doesn’t of course imply that anyone other than Andy isn’t good looking or unfit!

This is only a video short at the moment, and we will be doing a full length version of over 4 minutes in the Autumn or winter of this year, so if you’ve provided footage and it’s not been used, that doesn’t mean it won’t be. And it means you’ve still got time to provide footage if you want to be featured in the full video. The full video will have some professional input – our good friend and legend Carl Prezecher (the legend that directed cult surf film Blue Juice) wants to help.

If you want to share footage with us, email us and we can ping you the upload link.

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