Kids 2 piece Carbon10 paddle


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Not everyone can afford a kids size SUP for their kids. But you can make their experience more enjoyable getting a kids’ size paddle for them. And, being kids size – you’re much less likely to be walloped by an overlong over heavy paddle!

Designed for the smaller riders, these paddles are a perfect development aid for up and coming paddlers. With a lighter weight and single clasp, these paddles will get your kids up and paddling in no time.

In stock


    – weighs only 650g
    – adjustable from 135 – 172cm
    – 18cm wide paddle
    – perfectly sized kids blade at only 79 sq in
    – secure double screw non-slip clasp
    – palm grip sized for kids and young adults

    Perfect for kids between ~115 and 164cm .

    Additional information

    Weight 3 kg
    Dimensions 94 × 35 × 40 cm
    Type of paddle

    Combined carrying capacity / weight


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