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Seals and SUPs – Yellowbelly SUP School’s viral close encounter.

Shared thousands of times via the power of social media, as well as being aired on local BBC News, Phil May (from Yellowbelly SUP School) and his students didn’t expect a nosy to seal to make its appearance during a recent SUP lesson and the subsequent video to then go viral. And they certainly didn’t expect the animal to be so bold as to get aboard two of the stand up paddle boards for a closer sniff.

You can see the alarm from one of Phil’s pupils who at first is slightly taken aback by the seal’s actions. But it soon becomes apparent the creature is friendly and just wants to play. Stand up paddle boarding brings riders much closer to nature, which is evident from the video. We’re not suggesting every paddler will have such an experience but still, there’s plenty of opportunity to observe and become immersed in your natural surroundings. And that in its own right is worth standing atop a board and paddling.

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