RNLI #Water Safety Wednesdays – #WaterSafetyWednesdays

RNLI Water Safety Wednesdays

Are you wanting to ensure that your kids stay safe in and around water once this current lockdown is over? And maybe more importantly, are you looking for more informative and fun stuff to keep your offspring busy during lockdown? If so, the RNLI has launched to your rescue! The lifeboatds charity has launched a Facebook live event, occurring weekly at 10:15 on a Wednesday, alongside some fun downloadable challenges and puzzles.

Explaining the initiative, Sam Johnson, RNLI’s National Water Safety Education Partner said: “During these uncharted times, some of you may be looking for ways to engage, educate and entertain your children at home. And even more of you will have family, friends and loved ones in the same boat.

“From Wednesday (1 April), we’ll be hosting a live, interactive video for primary school age children from the RNLI’s central Facebook page (www.facebook.com/RNLI), with each session lasting for around 15 minutes. It’s the first in a series about water safety that we hope to continue for the foreseeable future, while children are unable to attend school.

“Each week, we’ll focus on a different water safety message – this week, it’s ‘Stop and think: Spot the Dangers’. Also, we’ll be linking to some fun educational resources for families to have a go at as well.

“We know that Governmental instructions are to stay at home so with this in mind, we would like to provide the resources for young people to continue to learn essential and lifesaving water safety for when the Government advise that people can resume back to normal life and may be visiting beaches.”

Ex-RNLI lifeguard and a member of the RNLI’s Water Safety Team, Liam Fayle-Parr, who has two young children himself, will be hosting the sessions.

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