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Recreational SUP – it’s OK to simply dabble with a paddle…

Hands up! We’re guilty of this as much as anyone. Scanning through the McConks Knowledge Hub archive you’ll be confronted by a plethora of content (hopefully inspirational and informative) about the performance end of stand up paddle boarding. Bt for many of you this won’t mean anything in terms of how you actually go about your SUPing.

SUP surfing, white water SUP, SUP racing, downwind SUP and so on…If you didn’t know any better you’d be forgiven for thinking pushing the envelope’s all that most paddlers are concerned with. That fact is, most who get into stand up do so because it’s a mellow, low stress way to make use of being next to water during sunny, warm weather. There’s nothing more to it than that. Dabbling with a paddle, soaking up some rays, spending quality time with the fam, enjoy being outdoors and taking pleasure in simply being afloat is what ticks all the boxes for most who SUP.

For sure, after a while investigating what else stand up paddle boarding can offer may pop into mind. Perhaps a little sojourn round the next bend or a ripple glide when a few ankle slapping waves appear. But nothing more taxing than that. And why not? If SUP‘s a tool for enhancing your outdoors experience – even in mellow form – then we’re all for it.

SUP doesn’t have to be about ‘sending it’ (as down wiv da kidz yoof speak suggests). Recreational paddlers get as much out of the activity as those who fancy smashing the miles or rip, shred and tear. In fact, tell us there’s nothing better than standing atop a stand up paddle board in the blazing summer sun, with not a breath of breeze, birds chirping kids laughing whilst you soak it all up. Here’s to more of that we say!

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