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Raw Atlantic power! Huge surf hits Sligo, Ireland, and big wave riders do battle.

If you’re not acquainted with the world of big wave surfing then it may surprise you to learn the west coast of Ireland, on its day, can deliver some of the beefiest waves on the planet. As was seen yesterday (October 29, 2020) as the remnants of Storm Epsilon roared out of the deep.

The size of the waves off Mullaghmore HEad rivalled some of the world’s biggest wave spots. But what sets this session, and the swell ridden by charger Connor Maguire, apart from many others is the sheer remoteness, coldness and loneliness it all encapsulated. In any normal year a whole host of hell men and women would have descended on the normally quiet Irish coast to do battle with Mother Nature. But with COVID restrictions in place for many it was left to the local crew to put on a display.

Judge for yourself from the RTE News report and surfing footage how proceedings went down. You can see the full news report by hitting the following link –

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