Progressing from a beginner stand up paddler – 5 SUP adventures that await you.

Whatever type of stand up paddling you aspire to there’s something for everyone – that’s one of SUP‘s beauties; it’s versatility. Having taken those first tentative paddling steps a whole load of opportunity and SUP adventures await you. Here’re a bunch to get you started.

SUP surfing your first wave

SUP surfing doesn’t have to mean charging the biggest, meanest swells. It can simply be gliding on micro ankle slappers: the experience is the same. Heading out for your first surf can give chills. You have an inkling what’s coming but aren’t quite sure. And then, WHAM!, you catch your first wave and ride along with a stonking grin on your chops. Trust us when we say you’ll be hooked for life!

Running your first river

River SUP is a still very much under the radar in the UK but it’s definitely a thing. Mellow white water, with a small amount of movement, can be just as exciting as hooking massive drop and running grade 5s! Small wave train rapids will get those juices flowing and if you do it with an experienced guide we’re sure you’ll be in for lots of thrills and potentially a few spills – all part of the game…

Entering your first SUP race

Whether you paddle an all round inflatable or hard touring SUP most races these days have a class for you. You don’t need to be vying for the podium – although you may have your sites set there regardless. For most SUP racing is about local battles in the middle of the pack. Taking on your mates to see who can outdo the other. It’s not serious but it sure can be lots of fun!

Day long adventure paddling

With confident paddling comes the ability to load up your SUP with those much needed essentials and head off in the wild for some quality adventure paddling. For the truly committed extending your journey across days may be a thing but to start with simply heading round the next bend, as it were, and making your first SUP adventure a day trip is just as rewarding. Who knows what you may find or where you may end up.

WindSUP or wing SUP

If you’ve never felt the power of wind in your hands then owning a stand up paddle board with a windsurfing attachment will allow this. Even if it doesn’t then fear not! Wings are a thing… In both cases being propelled along with a few breezy gusts can see a whole new world open up before you. Arguably wingsurfing wings are less faff than windsurfing rigs although McConks offers an inflatable version of both. Unlock the additional versatility of your board and get involved!

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