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Contact: Andy McConkey

[Wye Valley, Gloucestershire, 27/04/2020] – Serial charity fundraiser, Stacey Smithson-Grey,is attempting to walk 100km non-stop in 24 hours in May 2020.

Stacey is a passionate mental health campaigner, having been impacts by suicides during her job as a Highways England Traffic Officer, therefore is challenging herself to raise money for the Charity Mind. 

Stacey says:

“On a personal level, I’m doing this because suicide is an issue close to my heart, and Mind do such amazing work on suicide prevention.  

“I know two individuals who took their own lives in 2019 and I have a close friend who has severe PTSD.   Sean, my husband, has just left the Army after 22 year’s service.  As a military wife, I understand the struggles that servicing and ex-service personnel can have with their mental health. Most notably individuals suffering from PTSD, anxiety and depression.

“And metal health is a growing issue during lockdown, and something I really want to help raise awareness of.”


SUPhubUK is the online home for standup paddleboarding in the UK, maintaining maps of where to paddle, where to find an instructor or rental spot, and keeping a calendar of SUP events. SUPhubUK is sponsored by McConks SUP, a Cotswold based standup paddleboard manufacturer and brand.

Editors notes

  1. Stacey is also keen standup paddleboarder, being an ambassador for one of the world’s largest SUP brands, Starboard.
  2. Stacey is also training to take part in 9 x 100km ultra marathons around the UK.  These should have happened in 2020 but are being postponed
  3. A full transcript of a question and answer session with Stacey is available here, and can be republished in part of in its entirety
  4. Photos at the above link can be provided in high resolution for print copy
  5. Stacey can be followed on Instagram 
  6. The donation page is JustGiving page. JustGiving are currently not charging any platform fees, so 100% of everything donated will go directly to Mind! Stacey is currently 66% towards achieving my target of £5k, which is beyond amazing with two weeks to go.
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