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Pimpy paddling – how to supe up your SUP and make it a more personalised ride.

All stand up paddle boards have specific aesthetics and livery unique to the brand in question – McConks being no different. There are, however, a few additional ways to personalise your sled and make it more individual.

The McConks Freedom 10’6 SU) with additional bling.


SUP Leashes come in various shapes, lengths and colours. It’s pretty easy to get a leash that compliments the rest of your board’s look. Of course, a SUP leash is a safety feature first and foremost. But with a bit of delving you can find something that’s both functional and graphically pleasing also.

A funky yellow leash SUP leash to compliment yellow fin and rail saver tape.


As with leashes SUP fins come in all types of flavour – including colour. Sniff around for the visually correct ‘skeg’ (old school word for fin in case you were wondering) and afix away. You might choose to pimp up one of your fins or go the whole hog and do the set. Don’t forget McConks offer different fin options in the webshop here.

Pimped up SUP fins on the McConks Freedom 10’6.

Rail saver tape

Not what most immediately think of but adding different colour rail saver tape, as has been done with the McConks Freedom 10’6 in the accompanying pics, is a quick and efficient way to change up the look of your SUP whilst adding additional protection. This is especially worthwhile on hard stand up paddle boards where chipping rail paint work can be an issue.

Pimped up rails with yellow rail saver tape added to the McConks Freedom 10’6.

Additional deck traction

You can see in the Freedom 10’6 photos there are some odd look hexagonal patches stuck to the nose. This is traction and a way to increase grip without having to wax up. This particular product also allows the board‘s graphics to show through so adds a particularly pleasing aesthetic.

Additional deck traction on the McConks Freedom 10’6 SUP nose.

There are a few other ways to personalise your ride. The tried and tested sticker method is one. Or add some tech like more D-Rings and/or action cam mounts and such. Whatever you plump for it’s a fun exercise in individualism that may also give additional functionality and performance. You can also do it with SUP paddles as well. We’ll leave that one for you to figure out…

Happy pimping!

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