Personal SUP skill improvement: one reason to become a qualified stand up paddle board instructor.

There are many reasons why a stand up paddle boarder would seek to become a qualified SUP coach. You may fancy earning a little from your hobby by providing paid for lessons or working for a SUP school. Perhaps you’re just keen to pass on your enthusiasm and stock for stand up but in the right way with a certificate to show you know how. Maybe it’s a personal improvement solution. Which leads us nicely into the topic of this article.

Whilst becoming qualified enhances us as individuals, as learning and knowledge are powerful ‘tools’, becoming a SUP coach also helps us improve our stand up paddle board skills. This, in our opinion, is reason alone to get a ticket.

Now don’t misunderstand us. We’re not suggesting everyone should become a SUP instructor. There’s nothing wrong with sticking at the level you are, enjoying recreational paddling and making the most of being outdoors. If, however, you’re keen to pursue the coaching line then during your course you’ll learn about all aspects of stand up.

None of us know everything, although some know more than others. Having this knowledge passed on to you so you can in turn deliver the baton to your students is an invaluable means of improvement for all. By completing a SUP instructor coaching course you may discover an additional paddling technique that had been missed. Or maybe your understanding of tides goes from basic to in depth. It could be your delivery of basic SUP technique steps up thereby allowing more efficient communication with a wide scope of riders. Whatever the outcome you’ll end up being able to teach stand up paddling as well as improving your own personal SUP skills and this is a good reason, if you choose, to get involved.

When choosing what qualification to go for you’ll need to a do a bit of research. There are a number of providers in the UK that have slightly different methods of getting you accredited. Check out the following coaching course providers.


British Canoeing

Water Skills Academy


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